Tower of London

The Tower of London

Dating back to 1078, the Tower of London has been a constant landmark in our nation’s Capital. Throughout the centuries it has served as an armoury, a treasury, the home of the Royal Mint, a prison and perhaps best known for protecting the Crown Jewels. With such an enduring and prominent place in our country’s history, Bridge Heating were honoured to be selected to conduct work on the Tower’s parish church, the Chapel Royal of St. Peter Ad Vincula.

The existing boiler required to be upgraded and the pressurisation unit was defective. To rectify this, we removed the existing system and fitted a replacement Quinta Ace 45 Boiler and a new pressurisation unit, followed by the connection to the system complete with a Magnacleanse filter on the return pipework to ensure that the boiler remained debris free.

With the Tower being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, our engineers had to operate under certain constraints to protect the historic building. As such, no drilling and no hot works were allowed to take place. And existing mounting holes, brackets and flue holes had to be used. 

Despite these unusual restrictions, our engineers completed the works safely and efficiently.

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