Mission Statement

Mission Statement


Our purpose is to create warmer communities and heat every home.

We currently care for over 25,000 homes across the UK. Providing servicing and repairs to central heating systems as well as full installations.

If there is a problem with your boiler and you find yourself without heating or hot water, our team of skilled engineers will come to your door, diagnose and fix the problem to get your home back up and running again.

It’s always recommended that you service your boiler every year, just to make sure everything is running safely and smoothly. This also helps capture any potential problems before they happen.

Bridge Heating can provide an appointment time that’s convenient for you and after we’ve visited we will provide you with a certificate detailing exactly what we’ve checked so you can put your mind at ease.

Lucy Holmes
Managing Director

FY21 - Our Focus for 2020

There is lots going on at Bridge Heating this year and after we made the move to Bridge House in Olney November 2019, we are looking forward to our first team barbecue in our new home this summer.

The mantra this year is ‘building on our foundations’ and we’re doing this through investing in equipment for our engineers with new mobile devices, IT equipment for our colleagues in the office as well as brand new scheduling software.

We will soon be moving to the market leading platform of Salesforce which will enable us to dynamically schedule appointments, give greater visibility of arrival times to our customers and increase communication between our team of engineers out in the field and our scheduling team back in the office. We are really excited about how this software will benefit our operations and enable us to provide an even better service to all our customers. As well as this software solution, we are also updating all of our accounting software to streamline this part of our business too. We aim to have all of this up and running during the summer months.

As well as software, the biggest change is our name! In line with moving to Olney and the gorgeous Bridge House, we thought it was time to give ourselves a bit of a refresh and a name that is more in keeping with where we are as a business now. So after 30 years, Wheldons is now Bridge Heating and we will build on the foundations Wheldons has given us to now accelerate and move forward even further.

We will be updating our engineers uniform and van branding in phases across the year and we are in the design phases currently.

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